The National Democratic Student People Federation  is an intellectually rigorous, path-breaking, agenda-setting student organization involving our youth of the highest quality with a very comprehensive mission,which is just not promoting social reformation, but defined around the central concept of merging an entire array of socio-economic and socio-cultural rehabilitation into politics. 

           The active wing of youth concerned with politics but hesitant to step forward are broadly conceived as its members, irrespective of their cast, creed, religion and sex.

            The core members are not the ones who had no other path to go and have taken up politics but the ones who had shelved various oppurtunities to take up politics.

            Rather than diluting our tremendous potential in just academics, this approach aims to strengthen our ability to account for the dialectical processes through which we Indians can appropriate, contest, and manipulate the world around us.




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Founder & President,
National Democratic Student People Federation (NDSPF)
Welcome dear friends.
Come dedicated Doctors.
Come Enthusiastic Engineers.
Come Lawful Lawyers.
Come Sincere Scientists.
Come Revolutionary thinkers.
Come Powerful Peasants.
Come Authentic Artists.

Let’s join our hands and let not the evil to continue any further. Let us crush its neck by iron fist. After all it’s the duty of every son to save his MOTHER (LAND).
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